We are an incredibly dynamic group of women who TRULY care about every last detail when it comes to making your wedding everything you’ve imagined.  We leave absolutely no stone unturned – and will do everything in our power to make it all happen – no matter what IT is on your day!

Sometimes, IT is a traveling groomsmen who has regrettably left his suit in San Fran, IT might be family who traveled with children not realizing kids weren’t actually invited, cue our babysitters!  IT has been a missing veil, a long distance relative who needs an emergency dentist – on a Saturday.  IT has been a Cape wide power outage…Rest assured, whatever IT is, in addition to our full service event design, planning and coordination services in advance of your wedding, we make it all come together regardless of unforeseen obstacles. We pride ourselves on working fluidly with your vendor and venue team to ensure  pure joy for our families.

As a group, we put our whole heart into making your heart happy. We work LONG hours to make your wedding day dreams come to fruition! Weddings have an infinite number of details to be executed to bring your vision to life – ours is a physically and mentally demanding job where we need to stay on our game from dawn to dusk…

Making an appt to chat on the phone – or, better yet, meet in person – is the best way to understand who we really are. In the meantime here are a few tidbits to introduce the women who produce our weddings in the most nurturing, efficient and effervescent way. You can’t imagine the energy and organization we bring to our events until you’ve seen us firsthand – literally ask anyone who’s hired us!